1956-1962 Corvette Door Lock Striker Tech Tip


A common issue with the 1956-1962 cars is the door striker screws.  4 of the 6 screws on this car had the heads stripped out of them.  Instead of fighting these we decided to just drill off the heads and use an old tried and tested method of welding nuts on the screws.

In this case the studs are long enough that we could weld nuts on and not damage the paint but you have to be careful and place the proper shields down.   In this case a welding shield was placed in the door opening to prevent any sparks from hitting the interior and wet cloths were placed on the sill to protect the painted area there as well.

Part of this old school trick is to weld the nut on and thus the heat transfer also helps break the stud loose from the cage nut that holds it.  But another part to this trick is “Chase” the heat to the end of the screw.  You do this by applying a cold damp rag to the nut right after you weld it.   After about 30 seconds you simply take your wrench and turn the stud out.

This trick works on the same principle as using a welder to remove an old race when a blind hole puller can’t get behind it.  If you simply weld a ring  around the bearing surface of the race….will in most cases simply fall out.