1963-1982 Corvette Rear End Cushion (snubber) Replacement Instructions

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Rear End Cushion Replacement. (snubber)
Do you hear a thump when you move your car from reverse to forward?  If so, odd’s are your rear end cushion (snubber cushion) needs replaced. This cushion is sold by the kit and comes complete with new upper and lower cushions plus a bolt kit.
To install this kit is pretty simple. If you have the use of jack stands and a floor jack simply raise the car on the stands and follow these simple instructions. (Always be sure not to jack the car up from the rear strut rods, they will bend).
For installation on the 1980-1982 cars, please note the last picture.  You must enlarge the hole in the bracket on the rear end.  If you don’t the current reproduction cushion will not work and there is no other substitute available.
A word of caution: Never install poly bushings in this location.  We’ve had to repair the bracket on the crossmember in many cases.  This bushing was designed to have give in it and not be solid and the force of the poly can tear the bracket from the member.
Parts you need can be found at this link:
 1) Remove Nut 7 in the picture below, to do this you will need to hold a wrench on the top of Bolt 12. When the nut is removed, parts number 8 the lower cushion and 3 the washer will fall in your hand.
2) With a pry bar, pry open the gap between the Snubber bracket and the cross member. When you have this pulled down, you should be able to reach to the top and remove the bolt 12, washer 11 and upper cushion 10.
3) Reverse procedure for installation.
See illustration shown below for detailed picture.
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