1966-1967 Corvette Headrest Bracket Installation

The 1966-1967 Headrest Installation bracket comes with directions but they are not very clear.  I’ve attached some pictures of how this bracket was welded into the seat frame.  The bracket also will make putting the seat cover on the frame a bit harder than you would normally find on a seat without the headrest bracket welded in place.

So the first issue I noticed is the tiny instructions that come with the brackets. They are a bit on the vague side and when you try to look at the tiny picture it could cause some confusion, so I’m going to attempt to clear this up for you.

You place the headrest upper portion in between the upper portion of the seat frame.  If you look at the new part (in the picture below) you’ll see there is a U made into the upper portion.  You have to hook this in place, level up the T at the bottom and then weld.  You can not install these without welding and take your time, if you get them crooked then your headrest will sit crooked.  Now I have seen seat frames from the factory with the bracket welded in place crooked, but if you take your time you can get these pretty nice.


The picture above shows an original 1967 seat frame with the cover (factory) installed.

1967-Corvette-original-seat-back with headrest added

The picture above shows the welding points for the new headrest bracket.  We run a bead across the top of the new bracket as well as the other points indicated.  The two top arrows are the area of the new headrest bracket that has to be slipped under the frame assembly and you’ll see it once you try to install it.

1967-Corvette-original-seat-back with headrest added covered

When you install this bracket it also changes the way the cover is installed.  These tid bits are not mentioned on any installation video.

The three arrows in the picture above are just pointing out the change and bending in the outer wire to get around the seat back bracket.  You have to bend around it at the top and both side welded places but don’t worry, it’ll be covered by the seat back when completed.

When you do the seat cover installation you must trim the foam from around the newly added bracket.  If you do not do this the foam will bunch up and look ugly.

And since I’m on the topic of the installation.  If you purchased the installation kit from us, the clips are correct and ignore the size stated in the CA video.  Also notice if you watch this video how the clips are installed!  The installation tool is a must and if you watch the technique of how this tool is used you’ll notice that the clip isn’t raised so that you can slip it over, it’s twisted using the tool.  We constantly receive calls from customers thinking the clips are too short.  The reason is that person in the video calls them by the wrong size.  Just use the supplied clips and use the tool and you’ll get them on without issue by following the technique used in the video.

1967-Corvette-original-seat-back with headrest final

This final picture shows you the area of the bracket that must be placed around the seat back frame before welding.

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