1968-1977 Passenger Side Mirror… and why the used Well nuts

Below you’ll see two pictures of a factory door.  As you can see there is a metal reinforcement inside the door that blocks you from installing a door mirror mounting bracket.   This is the reason that GM used well nuts to mount the mirror.  Since most don’t want to remove all the interior parts to add a mirror to the right hand side of the car, well nuts were devised to make installation easy.

door pane reinforcement 1door pane reinforcement 2The largest hole is the rear hole measuring 1″ in diameter, as you can see in the picture below the smallest of the brackets is the mid year bracket and it measures 7/8″ wide.

Now you can remove the door panel, the outside door handle and fish the bracket forward on the underside of the reinforcement.  In our opinion, the hassle to do this way out weighs the ease of just using the well nuts.

If you are just yearning to install the mirror bracket, there is a great write up on the Corvette Forum about how to do this at this link:

C3 chrome outside door mirror mount plate repair/replacement


mirror mouting bracket 63L-67


Another way to get a bracket installed follows:  I’ve not tried this with the regulator and/or the glass installed but will check it soon but I’m positive that if you have all the guts out of the door, (glass and regulator)… Then the easiest way to install a bracket in the door is through the egg looking hole in this picture.  You’ll have to order the mirror mounting bracket for the 1963-1967 Corvette and it slides right inside the egg hole shown in the picture.

To rivet the bracket in place a 3/16 counter sunk rivet is required.  We made a fixture years ago for making this rivet from a standard pop rivet.  Find a steel plate, then drill a 3/16″ hole in that plate, counter sink this hole, remove the rivet from the standard pop rivet, insert it into the counter sunk hole and tap lightly downward with a peen hammer.  Remove the rivet, re-install the nail and you’ll be all set.

The hole in the door for the rivet will need to be counter sunk as well and when finished the rivet will sit flat and so will the bracket.  I’ll post pictures later about how to fab up a counter sink jig.

mirror bracket 3