1968-1982 Corvette Rear Storage Comartment Lock Button Removal Instructions, Click for details.

The rear storage compartment buttons can be removed and exchanged for either a new button or a keyed button by doing the following. But before you go through this process make sure the button head can not be buffed out. The covering on the button is stainless steel and in most cases you can buff it to a like new luster.

In the picture below on the left side you’ll see a small rectangular hole and if you push the button slightly you’ll see a brass keep. Depress this brass keeper with a small pick and the button will jump upward. If you wish to retain this keeper hold your hand over it because it is not secured and once released it will jump out of the cylinder. Then you have to maneuver the button so that you can see the lower retainer shown in the picture to the right. Once you depress this keeper downward the button can be removed.