1968 Corvette Wiper Motor Testing and Schematic 68 Only Revised 03-2012

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1968 Corvette Windshield Wiper Motor Testing, Schematic, and diagnostic help pdf file. Click HERE

1968 Corvette windshield wiper motor testing and diagnostic help from Willcox Corvette:

Clicking on supporting document will open a pdf file that contains more than enough info to diagnose any issue you may have with your motor and wiring.  To further assist you we have multiple videos and technical diagrams on this page that can also be of some great help.

The request for help on this subject has far exceeded my ability to answer each and every email or question!  With that in mind, we ask that instead of emailing us for help, post your issue up on the CorvetteForum.com and then email us the link to Support@Willcoxcorvette.com.

Please do not call our sales staff about diagnostic issues, while they are very knowledgeable about Corvette parts, they do not have a clue how to diagnosis your wiper issue.  There is no phone technical support, I’m sorry.


1968 Corvette Windshield Wiper Motor Testing, Schematic, and diagnostic help is HERE

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