1969 Corvette Strike and the booze flowed… :)

This is the second time I’ve seen this in my lifetime… The first time was on a 1969 Chevelle we replaced a quarter panel on. Behind the quarter panel was a bottle of booze tied to a string and glued to the inner fender! Inside the bottle was a note that read “How many years did it take you to find this rattle”… LOL

So again and some thirty years later, another rattle trap was discovered fixed into a car that was produced in 1969. The peculiar bottle of Bacardi was wedged in the square foam inside the main rear birdcage and while tempted to just taste a 40 year old Bacardi, I believe I’ll pass. S/N 02051 is a 435 hp coupe and a victim of the strike… lol

I’ll attach pictures of this later.