1970-1976 Interior, Deluxe or Standard?

From 1970-1976 GM made two different interior options.

Standard and Deluxe, which do you have?

The difference between the two is obvious and the fastest way to determine which you have is by looking at the door panels.

Deluxe interior optioned cars have carpet at the bottom of the door panel and a chrome strip with a wood grain insert on top.

While you can purchase bare door panels and transfer the trim, it’s our advise to just purchase the correct panel for the car.  Trim transfer can be done, but it is very time consuming.

Door Panel. Black Deluxe LH 70-76

Standard interior cars would have a door panel that looked like the one below.

Door Panel. Medium Saddle Standard RH

The carpet sets in the deluxe interior cars would be cut pile and the standard interior cars would have been 80/20 loop. Examples both are shown the picture below.


The seat covers on a deluxe interior car would have been of a leather design for the center with the side bolsters being made of vinyl.  Standard interior cars have 100 percent vinyl seat covers.  While 100 percent leather covers are available, it’s our advise to purchase the leather vinyl covers.  In 1970 GM changed the seat covers to a leather vinyl design.  They did this due to failures in the 1968-1969 style 100 percent leather covers.  If you think of this, when you get into your car what is the first thing to hit the seat cover….  Your rear end!  The leather would take a beating and tear up and so the outer bolster was changed to vinyl which is more durable and less likely to tear from wear.

Deluxe interior cars would have also had smooth sun visors, and standard interior cars would have had what was called comfort weave.  Pictures of both are shown below with the deluxe on top, and standard on the bottom.

Sunvisors. Black Madrid

Sunvisors. Black Comfortweave