1970-1978 Corvette Seat Cover Back Clip Location and Installation Suggestions. Click here to read more.

I’ve been installing my own seat covers for years and from time to time I still find myself going back to the CA seat cover installation video just for a refresher coarse.  I’ve been making notes of issues I see in the video.  Don’t get me wrong, these videos are awesome and I see no reason to do one of my own just based on a varying opinion and a few mistakes.

However, if you watch the 1970-1975 video there is one key fact that is pointed out in that video and is not pointed out in the 1976-1978 video.  The clips locations on all cars 1970-1978 are shown below!  It is imperative that you use the holes circled in the picture and do not use the top hole or the middle hole.

We will update this with other suggestions in the future.

Noted Suggestions from the video:

A) Watch how the installer flips the clip over the corrugated wire. Do not try to raise the clip over the wire, you flip it over in all locations, back and bottom.  If you try to raise it over the wire you in most cases, break the clip.  If you are doing  your own installation you will need the seat cover clip tool, it’s the only way to do this job correctly.

B) Ignore the size called out on the clips.  The fella doing the audio is way off on the clip sizes.  If you purchased the installation kit from us or CA, the clips are the correct size and the correct quantity.  If you pay attention to the size’s called out you’ll go crazy and think you have the wrong size clips when you don’t.

C) The clips…  I have a technique for installing the clips on the listing of the seat cover.  I’ve always used a pair of needle nose pliers and opened the clip up just a bit.  If you do this it makes installation easier through the binding. Once the clip is around the binding and wire then I tweak it back.

D) The pesky seat bottom retainer clips.  Yes, the are made 100 percent correct and even the GM clips were a royal pain to install.  To make this job easier, each clip is tweaked open with a screw driver where it slips over the seat cover edge.  Once I slip it over the welting I then take my hog ring pliers and crimp it tight.  You have to be careful don’t crush the portion of the clip that slips over the seat frame.