1978-1982 Corvette Wiper Switch Testing W/pulse Wipers



Wiper Switch Testing 78-82 w/pulse wipers I’ve colored the terminals to the corresponding color below.

A Gray.. This is a power connection for the wiper lamp. Has nothing to do with the basic function of the switch and only receives power when you pull on the dash lamps or interior lamps.

B is an empty socket in the connector. Nothing happing there.

C is the purple wire.. it is the high and low speed ground. If you test continuity from the purple to E, the black terminal you should have continuity in all positions except off.

D Gray with a black stripe. This is your high speed ground and should pass continuity to the black wire connection E in all positions except Hi speed.

E.. as mentioned above.. is the main ground wire for the switch.

F is the pink wire, and the only time this wire will ping continuity to ground is when you push inward on the switch.

G is the dark green wire and this is the delay control wire. It will ping continuity to black in every switch position except the delay pulse position.

H is the brown wire and it is the input voltage to the delay pot built into the switch. I is the white with a black stripe wire. This is the output voltage from the delay pot in the switch.

Now what concerns me.. The controller… The delay controller has been an issue for years with these cars and more so than the wiper switch. I’m not saying you couldn’t have a bad one, but the only issue you typically have with the wiper switches is corrosion that builds up inside. The switches will corrode and when they do they don’t make proper contact causing a failure.

Controllers short out, the wires can come un-soldered, relays go bad and so on. A shorted controller can take out a wiper switch.