In this picture, you will see that dash pad is cut and ready to install. When cutting the pad it is crucial to not over cut! Looking at the picture you will see that the pad on the right hand side is cut just enough so that the grab bar bracket will fit through the opening. You will also notice the trimming done behind the dash cluster. It may be necessary to remove some of the foam from behind this area. The trimming on this install behind the cluster will be important when installing the cluster back in the car. Not enough and the cluster will be extra hard to install. Dash defroster bezels should be the last item trim out of the pad and this is only done after the pad is glued in place! You will also notice the pad had slices in the area around where the wind shield frame sits. The slices are needed to roll the trim that fits under the wind shield frame trim to allow the pad not to pull upward after installed. If you trim the pad correctly, you can place small bolts in the holes where the wind shield frame will sit to help hold the pad in place when glued. It is a good Idea to put some tape on the driver side of the dash pad when installing the cluster. The edge of the cluster can mark the pad when being installed and this will help eliminate any issue for you. Fast tack trim adhesive is the perfect glue for installing the pad. Property of Willcox Inc 2006.

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