1970-1976 Interior, Deluxe or Standard?

From 1970-1976 GM made two different interior options. Standard and Deluxe, which do you have? The difference between the two is obvious and the fastest way to determine which you have is by looking at the door panels. Deluxe interior … Continue reading

Rear Wheel Well Hump Alignment 68-77

carpet rear wheel humps alignment guide


Carpet rear well hump alignment.

The humps are pretty much the same for all 1968-1977 cars in how they were inserted into the car.  This picture above should help you determine which side is left, right, forward and back.

Note: This picture is only here to show you how to figure out front to rear up and down.  Many people receive the rear carpet sets and can’t figure out which way the install in the car. Considering how “off” the molds were on this product until after 2014, it was even harder.