1968-1975 Convertible Top Weatherstrip Installation Kit Differences

The convertible top installation kits being sold today are not correct.  The original cars used a black screw, a locking nut (in black) and four additional tapping screws.  The current reproduction installation kits come with the black screws, but they come with washers and 10/24 nuts.

When the current reproduction kit is used you’ll find that the 10/24 nuts back off because they won’t lock into the metal portion of the weatherstrip.

We solved this issue and now have the correct installation kit in stock at this link:

Correct Softtop Installation Kit.


This is the incorrect kit….   You can see, GM never used flat washers in the kit, nor did they use the gold nuts with the large washers built in.  If you want  your soft top weatherstrip to install and stay installed use the original style pictured above.


wrong kit