T-top Strap Loop and Spacers and Screws 1968-1982

loop hook original 1968-1982 with spacers

1977-1982-corvette-t-top-strap-mounting-install 68-70-corvette-t-top-strap-mounting-install 1971-1976-corvette-t-top-strap-mounting-install

Original T-top Straps and Spacers pictured above.

1968-1970 cars used 2 straps, 4 screws and 4 spacers

1971-1976 cars used 3 straps, 6 screws and 6 spacers.  The two rear straps used two spacers per screw as shown above.  While the 1976 AIM doesn’t show the spacers being used, it is incorrect.  Three samples from different 1976 cars have proven this to be false.  1976 was the last year for the spacer.

1977-1982 cars used 3 straps and 6 screws (shorter) and No spacers. Design changes to the rear floor incorporated a bump in the fiberglass instead of using spacers.

A common issue with reproduction screws was created by an error in the GM parts book.  The parts book listed the wrong screw size shown in the parts book as #10-32 7/8″.  This is not correct.  The correct screw was a tapping screw and can be found on our website.